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Oil and Gas Dispute?

A Texas Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help

In oil and gas litigation, The Beckham Group is a strong advocate for both landowners and lessors. If you are a property owner with mineral rights who has leased those rights to an oil and gas operator and have found yourself in a dispute, or are a land and royalty interest owner, our Texas business litigation attorneys are uniquely qualified to help you favorably resolve the issues.

Our business litigation team has represented the Texas Pacific Land Trust, one of the largest land and royalty interest owners in Texas, in disputes concerning the failure to pay royalties and other contract breaches of oil and gas leases, negligent well operations, and surface damage issues.

If you are a property owner with mineral rights who has leased those rights to an oil and gas operator, you may need to sue to enforce the terms of the lease and seek recourse for lease violations. The Beckham Group can help resolve disputes between property owners and lessees in matters such as disputes over royalty payments, the failure to produce, and any other breach of contract.

Oil and gas matters are a complicated mix of contract and property law, as they apply to the acquisition and ownership of oil and gas rights. The Dallas business litigation attorneys at The Beckham Group successfully represent oil and natural gas clients in a wide array of disputes including:

  • Breach of Contract Claims and Contract Disputes – Service agreement disputes, lease disputes, and mineral rights disputes
  • Property Damage Claims – Well and surface damage, reasonable use issues, contamination and pollution claims of streams, wells, and other property, including livestock
  • Texas Mineral Rights – Mineral ownership, deeded conveyances, mineral rights disputes, royalty disputes
  • Regulatory Compliance – Compliance with state and federal regulations

If you have a dispute involving an oil and gas contract or an oil and gas lease, do not take chances with the result. At The Beckham Group, we understand the complexity of the industry and have the experience necessary to provide you with the best possible outcome. Contact our Texas business litigation lawyers at The Beckham Group today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you resolve your dispute.